The human though the machine

Anthroputer: the username I used to log on to the internet for the first time. It was the late 80’s.

I was an anthropology student and computer literate, and help members in the department to navigate the new technology.

They gave me an account for research, and act as a pathfinder for this new way of exchanging information. 

Being a budding anthropologist, and also the “computer guy”, I combined the two concepts together and came up with anthroputer.

I have used this nom de plume, in an internet sort of way, ever since. Google and the rest of the internet have merged my identity with anthroputer.  

By default, it has become my brand.

We are all humans through the machine

Reaching out through the technology of the internet.

We form new connections, gain new information and learn how to influence our communities through participation.

This is what humans do.

The means of connecting are new.

But the technology is being shaped by minds that developed through ancient evolutionary forces.

Sociocultural, historical and psychological processes influence our human expression through the machine.


We are creating a new culture of information.

This is one person's odyssey

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