We are dedicated to helping you achieve the three goals for internet success.

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Good Web Design

You need a website that is informative, enticing, and easy to navigate through. People come to your website for a reason, and you need to focus on that reason, and give them what they want.

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You need to make sure that search engines can read and understand your website. That's the only way that the search engines can put your website in front of the right people.

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Social Media Buzz

You need to have people talking about you on the internet, have people suggest your services or products. In other words, have people sell your business for you. "Word of Mouth!"




"Anthroputer did an AWESOME job on our new site! Highly recommend them! They really did a good job of capturing the "feel" of our store & community. If you have a business web site, or know someone who does, ask him about how he works his magic, where EVERY post on the Facebook page goes right to the web site! AMAZING! Looks like we spend hours every day updating it, but it happens automatically. Whatever you need, they will research the best options & keep researching & testing until they find the right one. Great value for the rates they charge, too."

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What services do we provide?

Website Design –With millions of websites existing on the internet, you need a website that stands out and also communicates your value to a potential customer. The website also needs the right information so that a potential customer knows that you are the one to contact.

Search Engine Optimization –Search Engines are the new yellow pages, and the best way to drive traffic to your website is by showing up at the top of the search results. You need someone who understands how the search engines reads websites, what they are looking for and

Social Media Integration –Social media is word-of-mouth advertising on steroids. Customers talk about businesses on social media all the time, and you need to know what is being said about your business, and also how to get people talking about you. Also social media is a great way to drive traffic to your website and get people to contact you.

Email Marketing –People spend more time checking their email than they do reading what comes through the postal service. Using email for marketing is tricky, but if you know how to use it correctly it can help you retain your customers and also attract new customers. Knowing what to send in an email, and how often to send things is important is you want to use this method of connection.

Ecommerce Websites –Why wait for people to come to your store, when you can go to them. People spend their time researching and shopping on the internet and if you have a product or service that can be sold over the internet then you need ecommerce.

We specialize in helping small business and nonprofits.

Small business are the backbone of the American economy, and nonprofits are focused on helping people so we are dedicated to your success. Anthroputer was started to specifically help small business find ways to promote their business and give them the tools and knowledge to compete with the large corporations.

Small businesses use to reply on the yellow pages but the phone book is dead. Cell phones and tablets are the new yellow pages, and small businesses need to develop marketing program aimed at this reality. This is not hard to do, it just takes some know how.

For example, your website needs to be responsive. Which means that it looks good and is usable not only on desktop screens, but also on tablets and cell phones.

We develop our websites to be fully responsive. Anything less wouldn't be fair to our clients.

Our website packages are designed around your budget and your business objectives. We don’t force you to use our services by tying you to annual contracts. We work on an “as needed” basis. Marketing and advertising is expensive and we want you to spend your money wisely.  We work off the premise that every dollar you spend should result in two dollars in your pocket.

You use our services when you want to, not because you are forced to. We give our clients complete control over their website and internet marketing and will even train you to use the technology. We do this as a way to help you control cost. But, of course, we are always here if you need us.


We provide our services to Arlington, Texas and the surrounding area.


Our goal is to be your one stop shop for all of you internet marketing needs.

We want to be your advertising specialist.

"We take headaches away."


We do not outsource anything.

We provide best of class web design using WordPress because it the best platform for SEO purposes and it's designed for ease of use. And will can train your on how to use it!

We can design logos and other collateral so that you have a consistent look in all the media. In other words we help with branding.

We can also help with photography, copy writing, web content and press releases.

We can help with setting up an effective email strategy that works.

We are trained experts in directional advertising and can help with phone book, newspaper, magazine, and mass mailing advertising.

We can also help with with market research, researching your competition and market intelligence.

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Just like you, potential customers are using the internet to find what they need.

You have a problem and need a solution. Maybe you need an answer to a question, or maybe you have something that needs to be fixed. Maybe you just shopping online. You type in your request on your favorite search engine and a whole list of choices flash in front of you. You start clicking on the links. Hopefully, you find what you are looking for on the first link. But for most, it takes some digging, and checking out various websites. Some of the websites have what you are looking for, while others are full of junk and spam.

We all want to find what we are looking for. Right?


If you have a website designed for your customer then you will get the traffic you want.

If you are not connecting with people through the internet, then you are not reaching the right crowd.


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We provide our services to the following cities:

Arlington - Mansfield - Grand Prairie - Hurst - Bedford - Euless

I'm a member of the Association of Web Design Professionals, and listed with the Web Designers Directory

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