Anthroputer is the human through the machine.

It represents the expansion of humanity into the information age.

An information age which is breaking down barriers.

Barriers of distance, geography, cultures, and social organizations.

Information is an economy, and it is still in the stage of a free market.

The rules are still being decided on, so innovation still has a fertile ground.

What's up with the name?

The name anthroputer comes from my first username when I logged on to the internet for the first time in the late 80’s. I was fortunate enough to get my education through the University of Texas system and was given access to the world wide web at an early time.

The large university systems gained access to the developing internet early on to test it concept.

At that time, I was studying anthropology and was also one of the most computer literate members of the department.

I started my exploration of computers back in the 70’s with a Rack Shack Trs-80. It runs on basic, stored on a cassette case. It was interesting, but then, while in college I discovered that computers had spell check. I was hooked.

So, when our department was given access to the internet, they gave me an account so I would help the members of the department with the new technology.

I was not an expert, but advance enough to know what not to do, and enough times what to do that I was useful.

Since I was an budding anthropologist, and also the computer guy, I brought the two together and came up with anthroputer.

Later, after thinking about the information age, I came up with the notion that anthroputer could be defined as the human through the machine.