Words can’t always capture the wonder of life.
Photos and art speak to a deeper and older aspect of our souls. Images freeze time and encourage a reflection on the infinite.

This gallery represents images that I have created myself. I do rely on other people images (like the image at the top of this page and in my articles) when their creative talents better support what I am writing about. However, I have been an artist since childhood, and there are times when images better convey what I’m trying to express than the written word.

In the tradition of the Creative Commons movement, you are free to use my images to support and supplement your work. I do request that attribution is given, but it is not required. All I ask is that someone doesn’t try to claim my creative endeavors as their own. I’m a strong supporter of intellectual and creative property rights. The person putting in the efforts should get the rewards.

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This is a sampling of various photos that I have taken over the years with a thematic context.

Sacred Geometry 2

Another exploration exploring sacred geometry. This time I combined classical symbols with fractal generated images. I first created the fractal image, and then use what symbols I thought help describe the patterns that the fractal equations created.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry involves exploring sacred universal patterns that can be seen in our reality. These patterns are also used most often in sacred architecture and sacred art. This is a series of designs I created to explore the idea.


We are starting to understand the value that these creatures of Nature have in keeping our ecosystems stable and alive. Some forms of fungi work with plant, such as trees, and act as an information highway and vascular system to insure a balance is maintained.

Dead Insects

Photography gives us a chance to see things that we might not pay attention to. One day in late summer, I discovered a pile of dead flies on the widow sill. While removing them, the intricate design of their bodies suggested they would be a good subject matter.